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The Indianhead Chorus 63rd annual Harvest of Harmony was a success. We appreciate all your support!

What's up, you ask, in this year that puzzles the soul? The Kaptain answers:

It's here! The Kepler Agenda

The newest album, The Kepler Agenda, is still available. Buy it from the man himself! Special shout out for Memphis Evans and Cody Weathers for sitting in!

Also on the way: We completed a photo shoot for the new jazz improv album, "Kaptain Karl: My Relationship with the Piano."
Find out more at the Memphis Evans tribute to Kaptain Karl site.
More information, including an in-studio video clip, is on this very site.

Oh no! I am inordinately fond of the old home page with the out-dated photo of Kaptain Karl! Does it still exist?
Sure it does. It's right here!

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