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Kaptain Karl next next appears
with Great Uncle Helmer
at Valkyrie Brewing in Dallas, WI.
Friday, March 15, evening
It's St. Patrick's miracle! The duo returns, wearing green!

Kaptain Karl next next appears
with the Shotgun Johnson & the Mississippi Seven
at Cafe Wren
Saturday, March 16 evening
We've got the band ready with a batch of new St. Pat's song. Wear green and bring your dancing shoes for our first show in the Wrenotaved community room!

News! We completed a photo shoot for the new jazz improv album, "Kaptain Karl: My Relationship with the Piano."
Find out more at the Memphis Evans tribute to Kaptain Karl site.
More information, including an in-studio video clip, is

Also on the way: A brand new, Kaptain Karl solo effort! All that remains is duplication and distribution. Sources indicate that the title will include three Ks and three As.

Look for a double CD release party!

Oh no! I am inordinately fond of the old home page with the out-dated photo of Kaptain Karl! Does it still exist?
Sure it does. It's right here!

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