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Welcome to kaptainkarl.com!

Kaptain Karl next appears
with Memphis Evans at
Granstburg's Music on Memory Lake
June 16, 6:30 PM

News! We completed a photo shoot for the new jazz improv album, "Kaptain Karl: My Relationship with the Piano." This thing is really going to happen... someday.
Find out more at
Memphis Evans tribute to Kaptain Karl site. Unless he's changed it by now. This has been going on and on... Will it ever see the light of day?
More information, including an in-studio video clip, is here.

Also on the way: A brand new, Kaptain Karl solo effort! 100% of proposed tracks have been laid down, and the mix is 99% complete. This is strictly hush-hush. The title has only barely been released to a certain ultra-privileged few. Sources indicate that the title will include three Ks and three As.

Look for a double CD release party!

In the Meantime...
Check out these candid and beautiful photos.

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