Kaptain Karl:My Relationship With the Piano

The RPM Challenge challenges musicians to compose and record an album in 28 days. Memphis suggested we use this as the kickstart to get our butts in gear on this project. And away we went! He's got a lot of good information on this undertaking here.

The Rationale

For years, Memphis Evans and I have talked, half-jokingly about a Kaptain Karl piano album. Our initial talks about this kind of project were half-joking because I really don't play piano. Not in the usual sense. I've got a sort of intellectuial knowledge of how the thing works. Add to this whatever musical sensibility I've got and a couple years of lessons in high school, and you've got my ability. Actually, I did a one-year stint as a substitute elementary music instructor a few years back. At the end of that nine months I could chord my way through "Beautiful Dreamer" in a fairly competent way. I also cover a two-fingered keyboard part whenever Two-Dollar Bill picks up the guitar in the Mississippi Seven. So I did not come in as a total piano virgin.

The Process

My wife Amanda took an archival video of us recordnig the tracks. Here it is.

There are also tracks on the RPM site. here