Mr. W's Online Hamlet Quiz


Your goal is to score at least 20 points

1. This is the style in which Shakespeare wrote:

blank verse
free verse
rhymed couplets

2. Shakespeare's verse was mostly written in this meter

dactylic pentameter
iambic pentameter
iambic tetrameter
bubonic speedometer

3. This is the theater where most of Shakespeare's plays were performed first:

The Mousetrap
The Globe

4. The period Shakespeare lived and worked in is called:

The English Renaissance
The Elizabethan Era
The Seventeenth Century
All of the above

5. Hamlet takes place where?

Sons of Denmark Hall

6. How did Old Hamlet die?

Fortinbras killed him
Claudius killed him
Voldemort killed him
Polonius killed him

7. Who sees the Ghost first?

Soldiers on guard duty
Harold Ramis

8. Laertes and Polonius both give what warning Ophelia?

She should never get married
She should be faithful to Hamlet
She should listen to see if Hamlet was crazy
She should stay away from Hamlet

9. What's the deal with Young Fortinbras?

He's itching for a fight, and wants back the land Denmark won from Norway
He's very short and so he's learned to ride high on a horse to look taller
He killed his own brother to become king, much like Claudius did
He is secretly the king of Poland

10. How do Hamlet and Horatio know each other?

Drinking buddies down at the tavern
Friends from childhood
They were buddies back in Nam
Friends from college

11. Which of these is true about Polonius?

He talks and talks and talks.
He is a close advisor to Claudius
He was an actor in college
All of the above

12. Which of these is true about Ophelia?

She loved Hamlet
She is glad to see her father die
She sees the ghost of Old Hamlet
only A & C

13. Which of these is true about Gertrude?

She never loved Old Hamlet
She dearly loves Hamlet
She flirts with Polonius
all of the above

14. Which of these is true about Claudius?

He has a guilty conscience
He is secretly glad to be rid of Polonius
He has poor eyesight
He is an expert swordsman

15. Which of these is true about both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

They know Hamlet from college
They know Hamlet from childhood
They are country bumpkins, and don't know how to behave at court
They knew Laertes in France

16. Which of these describes Horatio?

He is loyal, but dumb
He is very smart, but also heartless
He mostly watches, but doesn't fight
He is Norwegian, but doesn't like Fortinbras

17. Why are the Players on tour?

Their agent thought it would be good money
They aren't as popular as they used to be
They specially came to visit Hamlet
Horatio asked them to come

18. Hamlets gets mad at Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. Why?

They are more loyal to the King than Hamlet
They are more loyal to Hamlet than the King
They cannot play musical instruments.
They want him to invest in a shady business scheme

19. Why does Polonius hide behind the curtain in Gertrude's room?

He doesn't want to be seen with the queen
He plans to attack Hamlet
He is a drapery inspector
He is listening to a private conversation

20. Hamlet is very pleased with himself when the King gets upset at the play. Why is this ironic?

Hamlet himself once got upset during such play
Hamlet really achieved nothing, other than putting the King on his guard
The King was actually upset by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Hamlet could have killed the King during the play

21. What does Gertrude tell the King about why Hamlet killed Polonius?

She says Hamlet mistook Polonius for the King
She says Hamlet was only trying to scare Polonius, but slipped
She says Hamlet was totally out of his mind, and so was not responsible for his actions
She denies Hamlet was even there.

22. Why does Claudius send Hamlet to be killed in England?

He's afraid to offend the general public
He doesn't want to upset his wife
He wants Hamlet out of the way right now
All of the above

23. Laertes is back. Why?

Because his father died
To settle a bet with Hamlet
For Ophelia's funeral
He wanted a Danish pastry

24. How did Hamlet get away from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

He was tossed overboard by the crew who thought he was bad luck
He was swallowed by a whale
He ended up on a pirate ship
He stabbed them, and posed as a Norwegian oyster merchant.

25. What is Laertes special talent?


26. What is Claudius' final plan to kill Hamlet?

Have him poisoned with wine
Have him stabbed in a duel
Have him pricked with a poisoned blade
All of the above

27. How does Ophelia die?

all of the above

28. Why doesn't Fortinbras fight with Hamlet?

Fortinbras respects Hamlet too much
He promised his uncle he woudn't invade Denmark
Secretly, he and Hamlet are blood brothers
It's hard to fight with a dead man.

29. Which of these is a theme of Hamlet?

Mortality and the nature of death
Being a Man of Action vs. being a Man of Thought
Deception and the dangers of deceit
all of the above

30. Which of these is a quote from Hamlet?

Oh, I am fortunes fool!
Goodnight, sweet prince. May flights of angels see thee to thy rest.
All that glitters is not gold
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day

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