The Garbage Project

NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! Garbage: Collection III is about to be distributed. If you have moved or otherwise hidden your identity from me in the ensuing years, get in touch! We have reached a grand total of fifty versions. At least six more are on the way for Colleciton IV! Way to go folks!

So, what is all this? Read on to find out...

Theme and Variations

Here's the theme, you compose your own variation.

Over 50 artists and bands have recorded their version of Garbage. Now it's your turn to show the world your own take on the song. It's all in the spirit of playful cooperation - no hidden charges, no rights are signed away. This is a chance to see what other musicians from around the world are doing with a simple tune. Here's what one fellow did with it. Live, even!

Your Assignment

Download the original demo, then make the song your own.

Some people have recorded the original song straight, some have made it unrecognizable. It's been transformed into bluegrass, reggae, spoken word, Gregorian Chant... There are instrumentals; there are unusual time signatures. Some are only jokes; some are very sincere. Some are under ten seconds; some are fifteen minute long jams.

-Wait, you want do it in a certain style, but it's already been done? Well, then, it'll be done again. Do what you want.

Actually, here has been a trend toward keeping any lyics in the format of the original (see below): I [was, got, felt...] so [something] last night that [something else happened]. Go ahead and join that club if you like.

Your Reward

You'll get a CD containing your and everyone else's version of Garbage. Add yours to the mix today! I send out an updated compilation periodically. Submitting once entitles you to all future collections.

This is an open-ended project; there is no deadline. There are no obligations, no responsibilities. This is just a chance for you to have fun and see what others have done with the same material.

Where do I send my Garbage?

Send it to me, Kaptain Karl. Contact me through this site. I accept mp3s, CD, Cassette, Wax Cylinder, or any other media.

Legal Stuff

I retain copyrights to the original song and the lyrics below. I lay no claim on any of your adaptations, beyond the right to duplicate and distribute it to other artists in compilation as described above. No money changes hands.

I look forward to hearing your Garbage.
Kaptain Karl

GARBAGE (Original lyrics & chords)
I got so hungry last night
That I started eating garbage
I was feeling just fine
---------------- e---------------D
But then my head came undone
So I threw it away
Now it's lying in the garbage

OK, for those of you who looked all the way down here, here are a few samples:

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