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For instance check out this picture of me playing at the Baggot Inn in Greenwich Village in January of 2001. This was an open mic sponsored by the Underground Music Organization, which, much like AARP, now simply calls itself 'UMO.'

Kaptain Karl wows NYC The open mic was something of a surprise. I figured 'I'm in the Village, there will be all sorts of unconventional characters here.' Maybe I'm out-of-date, or hopelessly naive, but pretty much it was the same people you will find at every open mic: 14-year-old girls profoundly voicing middle-school angst; middle-aged men with bellies and baseball caps; scruffy x-ers playing power chords.

The most far-out (being generous with the term) act was a guy with nicely trimmed deadlocks who got up and said 'I'm a rebel. I always have been.' He then proceeded to play some very competent, conventional alternative rock and, if I remember correctly, some CCR and Eagles. He also wore one fingerless leather glove. That's either rebellion, or he's a bike messenger. There was also a nice suburban teen from New Joisey who sang a song about being a lesbian. Eh.

Everyone there was really nice, but also pretty boring.

I think the open mic has been cancelled, but it's hard to know exactly. Part of the website haven't been updated in months. The most recent reference to the open mic is from January '07.

[Update: The site is gone. Enjoy the spam site that has replaced it. . This photo can be found in context here. A few sites even more outdated than this still reference it.]

One more note on the Baggot Inn. I wrote the song New York City after finding out that I had missed a small, intimate show by They Might Be Giants at this venue the night before an open mic. So, while I haven't actually shared a stage with TMBG, I can at least say, "Oh, yeah... I've been on the same stage as those guys..."


Kaptain Karl meets the Body Here I am with my good friend Jessee Ventura. This is us at the Capitol Building in St. Paul on the day of his inauguration. This is not a fake. I was really there.

Here is my quartet, Registered Harmony, standing with our good friend, Wiscsonsin Governor Jim Doyle. We sang for the Governor's Fishing Opener on Friday, May 3rd, 2008. We sang so well that I am currently being considered for the new Secretary of Education, Kent is looking at the Secretary of Agriculture position, and Steve may come on board as the Tranportation Commissioner. Jon has retired, and will thus remain as a behind-the-scenes power broker.
Registered Harmony meets Governor Doyle

Amanda found this. My wife found this whilst looking at some sample images one day. I'm sorry, but I cannot credit the source. Who knew that the #1 shadowy figure in our government had such a charming nickname? The way the head was photo-shopped in is a little nightmarish.